MAC, in its continuous interest in technological innovations for the healthcare market, has important partners of recognized prestige for the exclusive distribution of its products.

World leader in health products with special emphasis on skin care, dressings, normothermia and sterilization.

World leader in surgical instruments for open or minimally invasive surgeries, implants, containers, engines, laparoscopic equipments and navigation systems.

Company specialized in the design and development of solutions for the positioning and immobilization of radiotherapy patients.

World leader specialized in ultrasound guided solutions for radiology, regional anesthesia, vascular access, urology, gynecology, cardiology and infection control.

Company specialized in shock wave equipment for rehabilitation, physiotherapy and urology.

World leader in the development of ExactVu, the only high resolution micro-ultrasound system for the detection of prostate cancer.

Company specialized in the design and manufacture of clinical furniture.

Company dedicated to the design and manufacture of cars and medical accessories for hospitals and clinics.

World leader in the design and manufacture of diagnostic devices: ophthalmoscopes, diagnostic lanterns, dermatoscopes, laryngoscopes, etc.

Specialized company, among other areas, in treatments for ear infections, sinus surgery and bone conduction hearing therapy.

Company specializing in emergency stretchers and equipment of the surgical environment and its integration.

Company specialized in the design and manufacture of solutions for interventional radiology.

Company specialized in solutions for biopsy and breast markers.

Company specialized in the field of otolaryngology.

Company specialized in the development of products for stress urinary incontinence and vaginal prolapse, and distributes innovative products for gynecology, urology and general surgery.

Company specialized in transperineal solutions for prostate biopsy.

Company specialized in the design and development of cutting-edge radiotherapy solutions.

Company specialized in sterilization in the hospital environment.